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  4. -note: This document may be updated to reflect changes in the available research and reports. Sources to the methods are being added and you can google them yourself at https://scholar.google.com/ So far sources have been re-archived on my FTP server. When time permits I will retrace and source the original links to those documents archived herein. Here is also a video where I demonstrate some of the food / health products described: https://www.bitchute.com/video/l09QdVclR0e1/
  6. Whether you choose to get vaccinated or not it is important to maintain your immune system with foods, supplements and preventative as well as active treatments to COVID-19 with future variants of this virus. While vaccination may expedite our immune system's response to current variants of this virus the method of global vaccination availability is not likely to eradicate this virus from our planet because of the virus ability to mutate as well as concerns people may have that prevent them from immediately getting vaccinated.
  8.     This is why for myself I am more focused on immune nutrition and preventative as well as active treatment options that have shown to be effective in studies; some of which are ancient food supplements from Eastern cultures.
  10.     I. COVID-19 has two avenues of infection with the following known targets and with the following associated symptoms:
  12.     (1) Respiratory
  13.         a) Via throat [scratchy throat] to lungs [lung inflammation and virus breeding] then eventually in the bloodstream.
  14.     (2) Blood stream from either blood related exchanges with infected people or any soft tissue such as through the eyes.
  15.         a) Brain infection [virus may remain dormant from indeterminate amount of time and re-infect host later that may be in a new mutated form] with most common symptoms of diminishing of the senses.
  16.         b) Heart infection.
  17.         c) Other organs possibly.
  19.     II. Preventative measures and in feeding your immune health:
  21.     1) I wash my throat out every day with lemon water. I use concentrated lemon juice with water for its long shelf life.
  22.     2) Table spoon every day of Chyawanprash (Ancient Indian food supplement that is widely available) which provides immune benefits as well as many other health benefits.
  23.     3) Vitamin supplements: I take a mega dose of Vit. C (1700mg) with D3, Zinc, Elderberry and Ginger Root each day in a dose. Studies have shown that 80% of COVID-19 related deaths were deficient in Vit. D.
  25.     III. Treatment options that I have researched address the respiratory infection that if unaddressed can lead to the less treatable blood stream type infections:
  27.     1) Eucalyptus infused vapor treatment. Instructions with a medical vapor fusior suggests general treatment of 6-min at a time. Consult an informed doctor of this treatment option.
  28.     2) Cont. to throat was with lemon water, perhaps more frequently.
  29.     3) Cont. food based health and supplements.
  30.     4) Avoid oxygen mask unless damage and inflammation to lungs prevents ability to breath. You want to use the eucalyptus vapor option that is therapeutic to prevent the possibility of having to be on air ventilation.
  32.     General diet choices:
  33.     Viruses including COVID-19 tend to thrive on bodies with high sugar consumption with high risk factors such as obesity and diabetes. So avoiding processed sugars and starches can help improve over all health and immunity. Good sugars would include sources from fruits and dried fruits from apples to figs and dates. Avoiding acidic foods in favor of more alkaline foods can also make your body less friendly to virus reproduction.
  35.     IV. General and still controversial treatment options:
  37.     1) Ivermectin: as of this writing the NIH (National Institute of Health) has warranted the prescription of Ivermectin for COVID-19 by doctors however does not fully condone it's use for COVID-19.
  38.     2) Quinine: common source can be extracted from Grapefruit Rind. Google for extraction method and consult an informed doctor on dosing.
  40.     V. My personal treatment habits:
  42.     1) Wash hands every time I come back from outside with Dr. Bronner's Eucalyptus Oil Soap. The constant use of hand sanitizer kills everything microb-living which eventually weakens the immune system.
  43.     2) Avoid touching the eyes when in public. (Optional: wear ski goggles when in public.)
  44.     3) Drink water stored in copper vessels.
  45.     4) Filter water. (I use ZeroWater that accepts both 5 and 6 stage filters.)
  46.     5) Avoid fluorescent bulbs and environments; they may prohibit pineal gland Melatonin release. I use 2200K temp "Amber" A/C LED lights for my working and living environments.
  47.     6) Leave on HEPA Ionizer plates air filtration with a dehumidifier.
  48.     7) If someone spent time in my living space that had the virus, I run an ozone generator for about 15 minutes after they leave.
  49.     8) I use eucalyptus Dr. Bronner's soap for disinfection and general cleaning including dish cleaning.
  50.     9) Stay safe distance from those who got vaccinated. There is few to no studies on the asymptomatic transmission of the virus from those who got vaccinated until recently. In a recent study there is no difference in viral-load between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. And because of the media propaganda folks who got vaccinated have a false sense towards the safety of infecting others. Even with vaccination the virus may still remain dormant in the brain and re-infect the host after mutation. Personally I prefer I know whether or not I have the virus. As the vaccinations suppress our symptoms to the virus we are less likely to know we have it and spreading it among those who have and have not been vaccinated.
  52. VI. Social Solutions:
  53.   1) More focus can be on at home testing that does not require a script that is also very affordable. If folks know that they are infected with easy and affordable daily testing then they can choose to self-quarantine which will prevent the asymptomatic spread between those vaccinated and those not.
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  72. Updated links: 2023-04-21

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