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First two mRNA Vaccines may cause more infections with public misconception.... By pagetelegram on 10th February 2021 06:40:30 PM
  1. The two current vaccine options were rushed through trials too fast and in my consideration helps those at high risk to symptoms of COVID-19; and no study conducted to test communicability or reduction in time of infection. I think people will become disillusioned that taking either of these vaccines protects them and/or others: it does not! With that trendy and dangerous misconception this virus will spread even more turning the vaccination into a vicious misconceived cycle.
  3. For health concerns, there are immediate implications of folks with certain allergies and the current vaccines as well as uncertainty of long term side effects.
  5. Keep in mind that many more vaccines are in the pipeline, from other pharmaceuticals such as the J&J now in phase 3 last I checked.
  7. If you get the vaccine, continue to practice social distancing, wear the mask and consult your doctor about immunity vitamin supplements.
  9. Regards,
  10. Jason

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