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Summary on the Research on Current Vaccines Pfizer and Moderna mRNA By pagetelegram on 4th February 2021 04:56:44 PM
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  3. Summary on the Research on Current Vaccines Pfizer and Moderna mRNA:
  5. Both the mRNA targeting vaccines should only be for those people who are very high risk to the symptoms of COVID-19. These vaccines have not been clinically evaluated to prevent nor diminish contraction or communicability of the COVID-19 virus. These vaccines have been studied to diminish the body's symptomatically response to the virus. It is important to note that more vaccines are being studied and are in the pipeline; it should be advised that if a person is not at very high risk from the symptoms of the COVID-19 contraction that it may be in their best interest to wait for the many other vaccines in the pipeline to get FDA approval.
  7. For example, the NovoVax does not inject RNA, DNA or chimpanzee Adenovirus but a more novel design, which is now in phase 3 of studies. Like any new vaccine or medicine, we have to know it's safety vs benefit fully before we can make any kind of informed consent about using it. There is also the Johnson and Johnson vaccine also in phase 3 of trials that uses a more traditional vaccine method of including a dead variant of the virus to train a persons immune system against the COVID-19 and variants.
  9. Moreover a study found that 80% of COVID-19 patients were vitamin D deficient, more focus and emphasis can be put on what supports a person's immune health.
  10. https://doi.org/10.1210/clinem/dgaa733
  12. A daily regimen recommended is to mega-dose on C; regular doses on Zinc, Magnesium and D3. A medication that has demonstrated as being effective against COVID-19 for early onset is Ivermectin.
  14. For any sources pertaining to the statements made here, please consult with Jason Page.

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