Nov 7 2020: Congrats President-Elect Biden By pagetelegram on 21st January 2021 04:52:12 PM
  1. *Sent 7 Nov 12 2020
  3. President-Elect Joe Biden
  4. P.O. Box 438
  5. Wilmington, DE 19899
  7. Dear President-Elect Biden,
  9. Congratulations!
  11. I have been writing to our elected officials since the end of the Obama
  12. Administration in support of the good as well as bridging awareness of
  13. caution to the potential bad.
  15. I support a lot of what you and part of what your colleague Mr. Sanders
  16. has drafted as part of your initiatives. I would only advise one caution
  17. and that is to question anyone, including our very own intelligence into
  18. trying to sell us a war. The success we shared in the ending of WWII, as
  19. we know it has also given birth to misplace power in our military, as
  20. Eisenhower had expressed in his closing speech. I could name maybe three
  21. Presidents that served this office that have avoided unjust wars, namely,
  22. John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Donald Trump.
  24. I wish you the best on your challenges in this new seat and I hope any
  25. of my involvement in writing to this administration is beneficial to the
  26. people.
  28. Sincerely,
  31. Jason Page
  32. Page Telegram

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