The trouble with system defaults today for the average computer user... By pagetelegram on 5th January 2023 06:45:29 PM
  1. Many folks today do not know about the URL address bar because it is generally hidden on many default setups: Mac and PC. Modern default email clients do not provide option to see header information. This is especially true on iPad devices with the default email app called Mail.
  3. Both of these are issues that cause folks to fall victim to phishing scams.
  5. The means to make things easier for folks by removing what the market sees as confusing to consumers is paving the path of computer setups that think for the consumer in order to attempt to protect them; and in this direction essentially is forcing consumers to give up self-agency in their operation of such setups. It is really a shame and a sham that teaching consumers how to identify scams is no longer relevant because either the information is hidden or the information is a feature that is not available to the user in such default setups. And yet it is open game in the phishing world, all things in the scheme of making things "easier" for the computer consumer.
  7. It is no more easier for the common user to know what it even means to install and setup a third-party email app or browser app. Many find themselves 'stuck' in whatever setups are OEM default.
  9. This is a good reason why the shift to Linux is a good alternative for general consumers.

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