Mandatory COVID-19 boosters for children to attend school... By pagetelegram on 29th October 2022 09:57:34 PM
  1. Any public official that supports mRNA type vaccination and boosters as mandatory for kids to attend school will not get my vote. These vaccinations are still experimental and there is medical suppression of adverse reactions not getting reported. Sudden death syndrome, cancer,  clotting leading to heart issues, auto-immune issues leading to everything from eye issues to organ failure and as well as mental health issues, from a combination of vaccination boosters and COVID-19 infection.
  3. Not everyone can afford home schooling. I've seen enough in my own circles battling this, and the ones that battle health issues that have not yet linked those issues to the vaccination and boosters.
  5. This is messing with our future generation, their quality of life and ability to support this country and, in many cases elsewhere in this world with similar enforced requirements.
  7. mRNA method of immunity against COVID-19 again is experimental method and shouldn't be categorized as a vaccine, in general.
  9. I know I will get a lot of emotional heat from this posting as many in my circles have consented to the COVID-19 boosters, knowing also they cannot go back in time.
  11. If folks are still getting and spreading COVID-19 that have been getting boosters, then why the hell? Boosters can be effective for a few weeks, meanwhile becoming more likely asymptomatic spreading this even more, doing damage without our bodies telling us something is wrong; and all at the risk of compromising folks immune systems.

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