6th COVID Wave: White House Communications By pagetelegram on 15th April 2022 07:53:03 PM
  1. 2022-04-15
  2. To: White House Communications
  3. Subject: COVID-19 6th wave
  5. Dear Kate Bedingfield,
  7. I have been charting the Δ of change in cases per day over a density of current population per region since the beginning of the second wave of this pandemic.
  9. As mainstream media backed by the CDC report/allow the loosening of restrictions for everyone on Municipal, State and Federal levels, I am tightening down my exposure. Take a look at the Δ chart excerpt below taken from [https://sarstat.org]
  11. [Chart: Change in number of cases per population density for Cook County, IL; reflective on US as whole]
  13. I would remain vigilant in self-care such as masking up and protecting the eyes as well as continued frequent OTC testing, from this virus/pandemic. We have seen too many examples of the Municipalities, State and Federal level loosening up the restrictions only to compound to a bigger wave of cases shortly later. I used these charts in predicting the third, fourth and fifth wave a week more before the public was made aware.
  15. With emphasis: it required one person to get infected to lead to a worldwide pandemic. While vaccinations can help, it is also important for maintaining the availability of OTC testing so folks can test themselves to know on day one of becoming infected and not day 20 when an individual's symptoms compel them to test while having infected so many in those 20 days of being asymptomatic.
  17. Sincerely,
  20. Jason Page
  21. Chicago IL

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