Thoughts on Religion & Near Extinction... By pagetelegram on 8th March 2022 06:52:14 PM
  1. Has religion been the catalyst excuse to do what we want in ill-regard to hindsight reality?
  3. It is not individual people; it is our ability to underestimate the power of stupidity in large groups. Yet we have allowed ourselves to loose our individual thought to group think in our individual group of echo chambers without having any arch into other thoughts only to be met with social and mainstream media influenced polarized disgust.
  5. Why our means of habitat advancement without cultural advancement and being separated from the causes of our consumption: we need to go back to the tribe model. Technological advancement of that would be an appeal by something like the Venus Project.
  7. Religion is just another man made structure to condition people which is a power that can be weaponized as well as to swell in ignorance on the believing that we can be destructive because "Jesus will save us." God believing or not, we have been birthed a head on our shoulders and rather we have sit on some shoulders without questioning the authority of those shoulders or even question if these shoulders are like lemmings to lead us blind off the grand cliff!
  9. A world cannot operate with such division among people. If we can bring the good out of individuals then can we begin to unweave the confusion causing our destructive direction. An effort to divide the people does not go without a power driven take over. People who live in fear become easy to control.

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