A Societal Epitaph By pagetelegram on 7th January 2022 08:57:31 PM
  1. The battle on our minds is close to finally over; to succumb unwittingly!
  3. Because of the nature of gravity the surrendering white flags have hung themselves upside down, all by themselves.
  5. As soon as the public became disillusioned for many decades under an illusion of sanctity in public appeal to the idea of of allegiance and to nation pride, their manufactured wills to subjugate "in the guard of our Freedom," has been tooled against Freedom with the slow process of degradation and depletion of resources and most recently, the resources of our youth through the years of propagating the profit over health, towards the maintenance and proliferation of our insanities and encroachment of disabilities towards a silence in its astronomical proportions.
  7. The sanctuary that still is is among those within our thought-camps, which vary from degree of individual awareness.
  9. Don't blame the puppets. Don't blame the pawns. There has been enough of that already. Don't blame ourselves as we became the societal equivalent of the patsy.
  11. Blame those who hold a hand of cards, that regardless of politics those who fire the calls and make the shots.
  13. JFK had spoken against that and reflective of Eisenhower's closing speech: yet we live our lives and protest the symptoms of the problem, as if those who spoke against the grander picture never happened.
  15. Everyone will be handed their white flag. And: do not question where it was made, because it is far too late for that.
  17. The only battle we have left that can win is for preserving the account and the record of what happens and most important in maintaining meaningful relationships.

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