Vaccination among COVID... By pagetelegram on 31st December 2021 06:31:31 PM
  1. Vaccination will not get rid of this virus. It will only provide conditions to make this virus socially acceptable in human contraction in 100% of the world's population.
  3. 1) The virus and its variants remain transmittable and contractable regardless of vaccination status.
  4. 2) We have known that this virus can be transmittable for two weeks without symptoms or any idea of the infection.
  5. 3) We know this virus learns from our newly "trained" vaccine inspired immunity responses and encourages the fragile state to mutate to the potential of more effective and dangerous strains.
  6. 4) We now know that once the virus gets in the bloodstream that it can remain dormant in human organs including the brain to possibly reinfect the host at a later time.
  7. 5) And we now know that new strains are not picked up as positives in PCR testing methods.
  9. So, antigen testing among people asymptomatic is the best solution if done twice with 24 hours between on a daily basis: Two negatives between 24 hours most likely confirms a negative result as true. This is because if a person is sick, their antibody count increases, so you can detect viral infection of any virus including the common cold. Then you have the option not to invite people and spread it.

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