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Tele-Obelus Project By pagetelegram on 2nd January 2022 03:32:30 PM
  1. This is a work in progress document:
  3. The aim of this project is to turn a motorized telescope into a motion guided positioning system while recording an object in motion in the sky. The purpose is to try and identify moving objects in the sky.
  5. The hardware includes:
  7. 1) Bushnell North Star w/rj11 data controlled; motors powered by 9v battery.
  8. 2) M42 screw mount T-2 adapter.
  9. 3) M42 to NEX E-Mount adapter. (Will use Pi camera)
  10. 4) Sony NEX-VG10. (edit: Pi Camera)
  11. 5) HDMI to RCA scale converter/cable. (N/A: Pi Camera)
  12. 6) rj11 to DB9/RS232 & rj11 4pin phone cable.
  13. 7) Desktop Linux (boot from USB, w/ persistent memory or set up with Raspberry Pi.)
  14. 8) USB to RCA video capture card.
  15. 9) Magnets to counter the weight of Video Camera, attached to hook on thick big rubber-band around back tube of telescope near the mirror. (edit: will not need counter weight with pi camera.)
  17. Steps:
  18. 1. Identify what command line software can track an object in motion: https://billw2.github.io/pikrellcam/pikrellcam.html
  19. 2. Write software to interface motion ID input from the RCA video feed and translate that into DB9/RS232 commands to communicate motion of Telescope motors.
  20. 3. Provide using framebuffer the video feed with a target over the object in motion that commands the motors / or make it local net web accessible the visual operation.
  22. ------------------
  23. First published Dec 14 2021 ---- Updated: Jan 2, 2022
  25. * Thanks to a generous neighbor for making the telescope accessible for this fun project.

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