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Limits and Boundaries for Health Sake! By pagetelegram on 13th December 2021 03:40:57 PM
  1. Folks, I find myself at odds in safety vs social/emotional needs of friends/family including myself. I am about to decline close contact with people moving forward; not because I love them any less, but because I love them enough to want all of them including myself to persist in this existence, at least long enough time for a purposeful existence, which everyone has to discover along their journey. This restriction includes declining my responsibilities to setting up sound for and attending church in person as well as making boundaries with friends and family.
  3. When confronting this virus rationally, and with folks who follow the CDC guidelines of wearing a mask and keeping social distance, there are a lot of concerns in considering that as a bare minimum approach, and in some cases dangerous at best. And in terms of the vaccination approach, will yield an unending series of shots and boosters as the virus mutates to new variants -- unless of course the approach changes: we now know (which I had suspected early on) that folks vaccinated or not still spread the virus and that unless people can afford daily testing, will more likely not know they were spreading it until symptoms arise in them two weeks later, and two weeks later from social contact in their friends/family.
  5. With that said there is little emphasis if at all by the CDC on immunity health in contrast to the understanding that most people in this country are deficient in nutrients that the body needs for immunity health. The vaccination approach is a silver bullet as in framing humanity as the antidotal "vampire," and not so much the virus. We have seen a strong anger and finger pointing blame on the unvaccinated, which has been manufactured to divide people. Until studies showed that vaccinated and unvaccinated can have equal viral loads and are both just as contagious -- and yet despite these recent studies very few people are actually questioning authority and demanding accountability. Reasonable responses would include affordable alternative approaches such as daily at home testing using test strips that cost less then a fifty cents per test. Instead the FDA hurried approval of the $10-$50 or more per test, that for most people test maybe once a week or month, or just before travel plans. Also being mindful that the vaccines and boosters require a liability waiver as 'experimental,' so that if any such health concerns arise of the vaccines that the companies that make them will not be held liable. There have been cases of heart attacks and blindness with one of the vaccine paths in both young and old age groups. Many of these conditions are not reported as a result of vaccination, so we are compelled to judge based on those few that do get reported/confirmed.
  7. AS for myself, after I got my vaccination, a week or two later my vision ability to see close was severely diminished. I had my eyes checked and confirmed that I benefit now from bifocals.
  9. Moving forward I will decline the jabs path for myself as I see no end to this charade of experimental vaccines being two steps behind the next variant. A good question is can this virus mutate in fully vaccinated bodies?
  11. I wish people would ask more questions.
  13. Here are some more questions to ask which future research could address:
  15. 1. If I have the virus and wear a mask, will the virus on my exhale be prone to enter soft tissue such as my eyes, leading to a more direct brain infection pathway?
  17. As studies show; folks with brain infection cause a reduction of sensation such as smell and taste. Also brain infections may lay dormant to reinfect the host at a later time: this study was conducted before the Delta variant so next question:
  19. 2. Can all these variants contribute to a person's viral load and have a symbiotic relationship with each other against the health of their host?
  21. Rhetorical question: Are we siting on a ticking time bomb cutting the fuse short of the virus's progress?!
  23. Sources (more sourcing later/ or just scholar.google.com with keywords):
  24. Vision issue study: ftp://ftp.os-2.in/covid19/jovr-16-490.pdf

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