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COVID-19 Vaccination will not solve the pandemic alone... By pagetelegram on 2nd December 2021 01:18:28 AM
  1. The COVID-19 virus will keep mutating as well as incubating. The old variants are spreading as well as the new variants. I do not condone that vaccination will rid of this deadly virus alone. I monitor the United States and certain States in it to determine my level of caution at https://sarstat.org there I use data straight from the New York Times GitHub of cases and deaths. The delta (change between days of cases and deaths) chart provides a better insight on the virus’s magnitude.
  3. The solution to this pandemic should be a combination of vaccination and accessible to everyone: at home DAILY testing. The reason this virus spreads is because people do not know they have it until two weeks of the virus spreading from everyone to everyone they meet in those two weeks, whether people are vaccinated or not it still spreads. If people have the access to know whether they are positive on day one, we would be able to eradicate the virus.
  5. Unfortunately this virus will not go away until at home daily testing becomes a reality. See https://RapidTests.org
  7. It is also just as important to wear safety goggles as it is to wear a mask. Folks getting the virus and noticing symptoms of lack of sense may have more likely gotten the virus from eye exposure.
  9. And emphasis on immunity health should be second to the vaccination advisory. 80% of folk that died from COVID-19 in one study were deficient in Vit. D. Asking your doctor to do complete panels on blood work would be able to tell them to inform you where you may be deficient.

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