The Polar Effect with Media and Extremism... By pagetelegram on 1st December 2021 11:16:42 PM
  1. I am sick of mainstream media covertly manipulating peoples emotions against one another in polar extremes. Wish folks get perspectives outside of the mainstream media with the ability to fit into the shoes of other perspectives rather than be inclined to put others in one of two boxes. It is hard today to have a discussion to attain understanding. Instead true to heart discussions lead to emotional knee jerk reactions and condemnation, more so from the folks proclaiming to be against anyone that falls an ounce short of the manufactured leftist box.
  3. questioning science
  4. questioning authority
  5. questioning conspiracies
  7. Just plan questioning everything was never considered one box or another. questioning is what leads a person to their undeniable right to come to their own understandings. And now we have Government cooperating with private social monopolies on censorship of anything outside the social narrative.
  9. In this era we get labeled belonging to one box or another simply for questioning.
  11. Being a part of an echo chamber of collective persuasion with fear to question any of it is a means to control for the destination to divide in emotional and physical conflicts. The potential is high and is only a matter of time before the kinetics hit the right spark in the right way to cause a civil war.
  12. I will wear the white flag, not in giving up or giving in for myself but the giving up on the people who I use to be able to have candid conversations about our perspectives and understanding the reality we experience and express. If the white flag can be displayed upside down that is essentially the allusion how I feel about folks I know.
  14. I jumped to a new social media profile and abandoned my old social media profile because of the reckless labeling of me and others from folks I use to be able to hang with and have the type of discussions that if expressed in this era would equate to conflict in their presumptuous  labeling, all driven by "fake news" essentially. The news has been fake for a long time, not just a Trump era phenomena. the number of investigational journalists end up dead depriving that position to any merit giving more power to the consolidated media feeds from heavily manipulated associated press between government and commercial interests turning such media into a public relations cult.

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