The great divide! By pagetelegram on 1st December 2021 11:11:18 PM
  1. The great divide is becoming successful in the seats of extremes. A lot of it is because of the media we consume with all the finger pointing and boxes we put each other in, for repulsed disagreeing on some issues and no will or effort toward understanding each other.
  3. I believe that all the popup issues that make for breaking news and hysteria are manufactured to cause these divides to be aggressively against one another is just a distraction from some much bigger impeding issues: climate doom and potential so great for WW3; much of it has been in silent kinetics, only for setting up the stage!
  5. To resolve this, we need to feed ourselves with the merit of questioning and to stop the mainstream media of giving us the bone: the bone is there to distract and to shut-up the public with a half-baked answer to everything that becomes a public concern.

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