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Poem: War Power More Power By pagetelegram on 17th August 2021 12:28:38 PM
  1. Poem: War Power More Power
  3. The:
  4. War Machine
  5. & Contracted
  6. Afghan Prepped
  7. American Offer Un-refused
  8. Cycle of Media
  9. Induce the People Drones:
  10. Children and Adults Alike
  11. of This Great America
  12. Mind Puppets:
  13. Tele-vision Glove
  14. Programming
  15. Hand is
  16. of Profit,
  17. Resources
  18. and Puppet Masters
  19. Of Misplaced Power
  20. Where War Power
  21. Means
  22. More Power
  23. Of Which Has Been Our
  24. Form of Economic Recovery
  25. Since Stark Warning of
  26. Eisenhower's Farewell.
  28. There are better ways;
  29. Which do not Suit such Misplaced Power.

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