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Social conductivity, love and countering transhumanism By pagetelegram on 15th August 2021 04:49:41 PM
  1. Title: Social conductivity, love and countering transhumanism
  3. The shortest distance between two points is no fun. [draft: edits may be forthcoming]
  5. When I first uttered those words to a friend while volunteering at the NFP space multikulti I was not consciously aware the stretch of its meaning and implication to daily living. That friend got the sense of meaning and we mutually agreed in laughter.
  7. Upon much contemplation I realized how this expression can apply to leading a meaningful life in self acknowledgment that we are social creatures and in contrast to be weary of any inclination to overweight efficiency over social conductivity. I recognize that we are living in a time of accelerated technology and a point where the re-creation of intelligence can subvert and subdue the natural evolutionary process when blind to the central role of social conductivity why we exist in the first place. Our existence is becoming more dependent on importance of efficiency for what subjects us to the idea of "quality of life" where the burdens of surviving are lessened. When questioning the quality of life to ancient tribes and tribes still up against what we call civilization, we are likely to see the source of happiness to be derived from their social conductivity, not so much to comfort and ease. What we decide to do with this comfort and ease leaves some with a sense of activities that are in current meaningless to the social conductivity with others; that our feeling of emptiness is a result from consumption without output/creative creation. When the social conductivity incorporates social creation, then the social organism of humans as groups create in itself a social feedback where the creator and the group as a whole maintain a consciousness awareness that expand beyond the boundaries of anything the creator can see by thineself alone. And this element of social creation and when in group of conductivity do we tap into inspiration of creation. Much of what consuming without creation leads is an apathetic attitude towards and in contrast to efficiency without social conductivity. This sort of unthinking is what drives human purpose to become machine: the model usually referred as transhumanism.
  9. The process of adapting transhumanism will deprive human civilization from love being the the axis to social conductivity-- where the value of intelligence weighs more than the importance to social conductivity. Without social conductivity as being the central meaning to life and states of happiness, we will lose our will to love as social conductivity and love will no longer be the pillar function of our future existence.
  11. Humans among social constructs of today may feel social inadequacy as the false sense of meaningful life of love when that isn't valued or is valued less than efficiency and intelligence; that the model of social progress when defined on the pillar of efficiency and intelligence is a form of greed that has only a destination of the destruction of love as our central 'metal' to social conductiveness.
  13. If we are to approach helpful social constructs to future generations we must emphasize the social conductivity of love and how that needs to be maintained as the driving force to living as well as pillar to our original purpose to existence: to create.
  15. To the God meaning folks: God gave us the gift of love to create and not to recreate those gifts in us for to err is human.
  17. So with "the shortest distance between to points is no fun," the focus only on the end-point will always be never ending. To have fun is the result of social conductivity when valued over efficiency and intelligence. Social conductivity results in creation through innocence where love through conscious awareness can flourish.
  19. Regards,
  21. Jason Page

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