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  1. This document will be updated as new information becomes available and ample time make that possible. So far this is the first iteration / version.
  3. Classically the Marburg virus incubates 5-10 [sic: some sources purport: 2-21 days] days before symptoms arise(1) for which time is not contagious(2). Classically it has a 10-77% survival rate when treatment is administered (1) yet there is currently no cure; treatment includes maintaining hydration (3). Classically it is fluid transferred via blood or semen(4). With the recent case and death of person in Guinea purportedly a 100 people have been quarantined that were known/found to have contact with the infected person(5).
  5. This outbreak is still being treated as if this is a classic case of Marburg as opposed to a novel case. I believe it is safe to take all precautions in the plausible novel case of Marburg.
  7. Some other digging in research papers has revealed a study conducted in February of this year on the vaccination treatment of Marburg virus at a time when the world has thought this virus had been eradicated (6). There was also a study conducted on treatments used for Marburg that can also be benefit to those with COVID-19(7).
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