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COVID-19 State of Affairs By pagetelegram on 16th August 2021 11:37:52 PM
  1. Some southern states are in "dire-straits" without effective solutions than just vaccination in the US because the vaccinated think they can run around without masks, and they are getting and spreading COVID-19 everywhere they go! The unvaccinated are doing whatever they want as well. Very few folks are prepared to have Early Treatment available for this disease if they get it!
  3. Early hindsight of Geert Vanden Bossche (virologist)  is coming true - the rapid rise of new, more infectious variants from the vaccinated, and the effect of the more infectious virus on children.
  5. Dr. Fauci and other people in position of medical leadership can be liable for medical malpractice. They continue to sell the vaccines and the immunity passports based on the illusion that the vaccines somehow STOP the spread of the virus, therefore both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are transmitting this significantly more infectious virus all over the place!
  7. The good news is that the numbers in Chicago and Northern IL are not really that bad - more on this below.
  9. And more good news is that the Delta variant is so infectious that it is possible that after this wave the US could achieve natural herd immunity amongst much of the public. India now has 70% of their population with natural antibodies, which are much longer lasting and provide a much stronger immunity than any of the vaccines -  this is the kind of immunity that will actually stop further waves of the virus!
  11. One big question that I have is this - will all of these vaccinated people, who are getting these bad summer colds, (which are really cases of COVID-19, but they are not getting tested, or doing anything about it except spread it), actually mount a strong natural immune response to the virus, or will their response be stunted somehow from the vaccine, so that they will remain vulnerable to the virus again in the next wave? I have not yet read any science about this question to date - will keep my eyes open for it.
  13. The bad news is that even though the vaccines are helping to keep many people from going to the hospitals, when they do have to go (and both the vaccinated and unvaccinated are showing up in the hospitals), they are arriving much sicker, much faster than in previous waves. FLCCC is concerned about people going from no symptoms to serious symptoms within a couple of days - so the FLCCC is saying to be prepared at home for very Early Treatment of COVID, and they are going to raise their dosage recommendations for IVM in their Early Treatment protocol to .4 - ,6 mg/kg per dose (per day). They have not changed their protocols on their website yet but Dr. Kory tweeted something about this yesterday, and discussed this with Dr. Martenson over the weekend.
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