Congress: COVID-19 Letter #2 By pagetelegram on 11th August 2021 10:19:31 PM
  1. President & Congress
  2. Washington D.C.
  3. (f) [various]
  4. (m) [various]
  6. Dear President Biden and my representatives of Congress,
  8. Followup from letter sent on July 18th, 2021
  9. [ref: https://bin.pagetelegram.com//paste.php?id=16]:
  11. Our response to COVID-19 can use more than the advocacy of
  12. vaccination. I would like to see my representatives take a look
  13. at and act upon options that are very affordable to our
  14. tax burdens: offer daily at home testing, without government
  15. oversight, to every person in this country at no individual expense
  16. to them as well help our people to make the decision to stop the
  17. spread on day one of their testing positive.
  19. Information about daily testing options can be found (as
  20. well as information on the accuracy rate of such tests) at:
  21. rapidtests.org.
  23. If individuals of our public can detect on a daily basis their
  24. COVID-19 infection status then they will choose to self
  25. quarantine on the day they test positive rather than expose
  26. themselves for two weeks or more unaware they are infected
  27. and contagious.
  29. Attached is an up to date density chart of all daily change of
  30. COVID-19 cases since the beginning of this pandemic.
  32. Please take the time to examine the chart. I think we can
  33. amend vaccinations with the additional approach of adding
  34. daily rapid testing as an option to the people of this country
  35. and in doing so turn these statistics around to becoming
  36. a good example to the rest of the world.
  39. Sincerely,
  42. Jason S. Page

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