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COVID-19 Idiocy By pagetelegram on 2nd August 2021 03:24:39 AM
  1. Facts and Reason:
  2. A. COVID-19 is real and it is a threat to human beings and social/economic constructs.
  4. B. The Delta Variant can still spread between Vaccinated and Un-vaccinated folk alike.
  6. C. There are more variants on the way and vaccines positioned to address them.
  8. D. Many tests do exhibit false positives. Get a second test, possibly a different type.
  10. E. The most reasonably effective way to stop this virus from spreading and mutating is daily testing to self-quarantine on DAY 1: You cannot expect everyone to take an experimental vaccine (IT READS EXPERIMENTAL RIGHT ON THE CONSENT FORM. SIGNING THAT FORM OF CONSENT MEANS NO REPERCUSSIONS TO PHARMACEUTICAL IF IT CAUSE HARM NOW OR LATER.)
  12. F. No one vaccine is guaranteed to protect the human population from variants of this virus.
  14. G. This virus issue will not be over until additional methods and approaches are encouraged to be discussed.
  16. H. Choosing July 4th as the lift of restrictions is utter propagandized bullshit! Why not July 5th, or April 1st?!
  18. Unrelated to these arguments: Yes, I got vaccinated. And with all the fools fol,owing like sheep without questioning anything and being so complicit with the propaganda it looks like we will all be getting an endless flow of "jabs."

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