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Congress: COVID-19_Solution By pagetelegram on 18th July 2021 02:39:47 AM
  1. President & Congress
  2. Washington D.C.
  3. (f) [various]
  4. (m) [various]
  6. Dear President Biden and Congress,
  8. Over the past year and a half I have been examining different methods
  9. of looking at the COVID-19 data that has been collected by the New
  10. York Times COVID-19 github which I have tested both forensic models
  11. as well as basic visualized charting. That data has prompted me to
  12. alert my communities ahead of any public announcement. I have used
  13. this data to see the direction of this virus's spread. This last
  14. week I have seen what is the 4th wave of COVID-19 case increase
  15. and outbreak, almost about two weeks after most of the United States
  16. lessened restrictions towards living back to 'normal.' The model
  17. that the United States and most of the world have endorsed, and as
  18. current as an end all solution is vaccination. While this virus
  19. mutates new vaccinations will be prompted and meanwhile we will
  20. continue to see this pattern of outbreaks that negatively impacts
  21. our economy and lives.
  23. I would like to propose an additional solution which would be
  24. inexpensive at home daily COVID-19 testing. There is already one
  25. such test being endorsed from many medical professionals which I
  26. am sure most of you are aware: rapidtests.org.
  28. If individuals of our public can detect on a daily basis their
  29. COVID-19 infection status then they will choose to self
  30. quarantine on the day they test positive rather than expose
  31. themselves for two weeks or more unaware they are infected and
  32. contagious.
  35. Sincerely,
  37. Jason S. Page

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