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Opinion : Silent War of Globalism By pagetelegram on 6th June 2021 01:23:21 AM
  1. China appear to be playing silent wars against most of the material driven world. It started from our manufacturing jobs of USA made goods moving mostly to China, primarly computer technologies. I am getting more concerned now that the US tech companies and most other tech companies are loosing sales to the same or similar tech as rip offs of company offerings at a fraction of the cost to the consumer, sometimes costs subsidized by Chinese government.
  3. In hindisght it will be the inevitable demand of the consumers in this country that will give up their freedoms and the foundation of this country in exchange to material demands.
  5. There are other fronts to this silent war. On all levels tho it is fitting to globalist agenda.
  7. Something like 1984 may not be too far. With all the ears and eyes used to drive the biometrics for economic purposes of advertising will soon turn draconian and dark as soon as we give up those freedoms to this silent war. Market drive will switch to social control drive.
  9. On the social front a lot of these social justice movements I have found to be fronts to socialist and communist revolutionary agendas at their core which most folks do not realize until they are fitted for any leadership roles. And yeah, I do not see any real leaders. Media likes to push kids as leader material and that I believe is a sad predicament not only for the cause but also putting a child in a very unfortanate position of great social tension.

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