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BASH Class By pagetelegram on 7th June 2021 01:19:49 PM
  1. Bash Scripting Course Demo (Free):
  3. Teacher: Ken Marr, UK: email: train@kenmarr.fastmail.net
  5. 1:00pm CST, Tuesday June 8th
  7. Free Demo begins Monday slot. Cost for the course thereafter is 30 pounds (~$50 US).
  9. "Can I ask how many members are interested in training in writing bash shell scripts? If enough are I intend to run some online courses via Zoom starting with a free demo of how I do things.
  10. Don't worry if you don't have access to Linux as I will supply a VBox VM plus access to a server running in the cloud.
  12. The prerequisites for the shell scripting course is Linux fundamentals. To give you an idea of how I run courses you'll find my fundamentals course, a set of 10 video tutorials, in the playlist Introduction here:
  14. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmsZqX1tNVYsWBhvt0z37vw/playlists
  16. Associated PDFs here: https://icedrive.net/1/eeh6nLYjZn
  18. " - Ken Marr
  20. Class Syllabus:
  21. ftp://ftp.os-2.in/bashclass/S0_Demonstration.pdf
  23. Class to start on the free demo Tuesday 2pm CST. Details and Zoom credentials are linked below.
  25. Demo topics and zoom details:
  26. ftp://ftp.os-2.in/bashclass/LinuxDemoE.pdf
  28. If your browser does not support ftp protocol please message me and I can get the document to you directly.

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